Surveying, consulting, designing and installation of generator


Our service of surveying, consulting, designing and installation of generator offer customer the optimum choice about type and capacity of generator, materials, installation accordance with technical and aesthetics standard, safety, with the most economical cost.

We survey the actual and usage of the customer to calculate and advise the optimal solution to help customers choose the capacity and types of generators to meet the needs of each customer. By surveying the expected location of the installation of generators of customers, we estimate the type of materials installation and construction design options.
– Executing and installing electric generators for customers to meet technical and aesthetic standards;
– Save optimum cost for customers by reducing waste of installation materials.
– Customer convenience in using, at the same time easy for maintenance, repair later.
– Our flexible working time 24/7 at the request of each customer, the fastest installation time to minimize the impact on customers.
– Warranty of 12 months or 1,000 hours of operation of generators from the date of acceptance, delivery, installation, whichever comes first.

Maintenance generator


Servicing the generator frequently is very important to ensuring your generator reliable operation, long and healthy life.

*Maintenance generator:
– By using genuine parts, maintenance work is handled by highly trained technicians from the world’s leading generator manufacturers, we bring you the best service and save your costs throughout the life of your generator.
– Our periodic maintenance services for our generators help customers get updated on the status of generators, treat the wear and tear in time, avoid the damage that affect the performance of customers. This ensures the maximum lifetime of the generator as well as enables the customer to maximize the performance of the generator.
* Overhaul, Repairation generator:
– We provide customer with generator repair services, from minor faults to major overhauls to restore the operation of the generator. Our overhauled repair service helps your generator as it is re-setting the high standards and reliability of a new generator.

Genuine spare parts and accessories


Using genuine spare parts and accessories is the best ensures that your machines are maintained and working according to the original specifications of manufacturers, minimizing operating costs, guarantee quality and high performance, avoid problems such as failures and lack of performance.

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Japanese Denyo generator for rent


Our service of Japanese Denyo generators for rent are extremely useful in providing electricity in areas where conventional power supply infrastructure is unavailable.

We provide Japanese generators for rent, are extremely useful in providing electricity in areas where conventional power supply infrastructure is unavailable.
The generators are quiet operation with low noise level, high performance, environmental friendly, easy maintainance, we can cover all your power needs, from construction sites, to industries, events, power plants, office.